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Monday, March 01, 2021  by Juliet Edjere

This post was correct at the time of publishing. Most of these details may change overtime.

Build Time: 1 Day Tools: Figma, Behance, Carrd

Stepping away from the traditional cv template and LinkedIn profile, I decided to bring my CV to life and boost my online presence. I set out to build a one-page site and by default, I decided to use Sadly, announced via a statement on their home page that they'll be shutting down their services on December 31, 2022.

Next up - Making a choice between Unicorn Platform, Carrd and Umso. Choosing Carrd was a no-brainer considering the versatility of the root domain. Carrd provides the options of, and I'd recommend sticking with a familiar root domain that is easy to spell, remember, and compliments your subdomain.

Created with Figma *

Step 1: Get Inspired

Pinterest and Behance always top the charts for portfolio inspiration. Ideally, by default, I started the search with Behance. My goals were:

  • Clean yet unique design
  • Fast page-load speeds
  • Show some personality
  • Content blocks to show off projects and skills
  • Make it easy for users to contact

Here's a thread on mind-blowing portfolios for your perusal:

Step 2: Design a Logo

Staying true to my goals, I wanted a simple yet slick logo using my name in a decorative style. Using Figma, I came a with quite a number of variations of the 'handwriting' font style and settled with:

        Font: Tangerine, White, Black         Font Style: Regular         Font Colours: #FF7D41 #000000 #FFFFFF

Step 3: Design the hero section

This was my chance to show some personality. The focus was to pass a relatable but original message that communicates how I can help. I started with selecting an image for the background. I wanted a black-and-white website with a touch of colour.

This was quickly followed by details about me, services offered, tools used and showcases.

The first-person language used was specifically chosen to paint a picture of speaking to the reader directly.

View the live site here: ⬇

Jouliette | Portfolio

*I settled with


I'm Juliet 'Hiri' Edjere, a no-code expert focused on design, business development and building scalable solutions with minimal coding knowledge.

I document all things product stories, MVP validation, and how designs, data and market trends connect to one another.

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